Are Leggings the New Pantyhose?

by jtpetersauthor

Many folks in the pantyhose-loving community have had to deal with what is a rather sore subject in our circles – the rise to prominence of leggings. A garment that is not quite pants and not quite pantyhose, leggings have baffled some of us. If a woman thinks a tight pair of pantyhose are uncomfortable, why do they don leggings? If they are willing to spend a small fortune on designer brands of leggings, why not do the same with hosiery? (By the way, if you’re a female reader of this blog and would like to answer those questions, please feel free.)

I was not into leggings when they first started rising from the ashes of their previous reign in the 80s. Having gone through adolescence in the 90s, leggings were mostly absent from the fashion world that I grew up in. So, when they began to emerge in the mid-to-late aughts, I took notice, but did so with disdain. I mean, they were so close to being tights or pantyhose, but they just weren’t!

Let’s hope we never go back to this…

But are they? Nowadays, many of the leggings I see are pretty sheer. My wife owns a black pair that I absolutely love because when she bends over, it’s almost like I have x-ray vision. And some of the “athleisure” pairs have panels of micro-mesh that look almost like sheer nylon.  They’re like a hybrid of pantyhose and leggings. It’s so confusing!

Personally, I’ve come around to accepting leggings as a garment that I enjoy seeing on a woman, and I have gotten to the point where it can be arousing.  I think part of it is that I would rather have something close to pantyhose than to not have anything at all. And, let’s face it, these tight-clinging leggings do accentuate a woman’s legs and butt after all. It’s better than a pair of jeans or slacks, right? Or *shudder* sweat pants.

And they aren’t going away anytime soon.  Leggings have had a long history, going all the way back to the 14th century.  Even in modern times, the contemporary love for them began back in the 1960s, after the first pair of lycra leggings were introduced by DuPont.  The styles and love for them have fluctuated over the decades (as I said, they were nigh-impossible to spot in the 90s), but they have never truly gone away.

My wife doesn’t wear them all the time, thankfully. She has several pairs that she uses when she knows she’ll be active, or if she needs something to complete an outfit and pantyhose (sadly) will not do. But I look forward to it now. There was one particular night that I knew I had finally made the transition when she had been wearing a pair of black leggings, we were kanoodling on the bed, and I just lost it and began to go at it with her leggings still on her! She was surprised, but loved every second of it.  As did I.

Still, leggings will never fully replace pantyhose. But, like pantyhose, if you’re going to wear them, at least do yourself a favor and get yourself a quality pair. Or better yet, wear pantyhose underneath! *wink wink*

Now, when stirrup leggings come back into fashion, I will be very interested. But that’s a discussion of a niche fetish for another blog post.