The Diverse World of Pantyhose Fetishism

by jtpetersauthor

I have to give my talking about foot fetishes and pantyhose fetishes equal footing (see what I did there?), so let me take a moment to speak in general about my “thing for pantyhose”.

As a quick addendum to my previous post, whenever I speak of my foot fetish in reference to my childhood and teen years, it will most likely be in terms of feet in pantyhose. The two fetishes have been hand-in-hand for me as far back as I can remember, and it’s only been within the last decade (since I’ve been with my wife, actually), that I’ve acquired an almost equal affinity for the bare foot. My preferences, however, are still for a foot (or two, or ten) covered in nylon.

legs in fishnet tightsI grew up with a pantyhose fetish in an era where I had no reference points to guide me; I just knew that there was something about the look and feel of the material that I couldn’t get over. The internet didn’t show up in my house until my later high school years, and the only sexual references I had were appropriated copies of Leg Show magazine (which didn’t focus on pantyhose… it was mostly stockings, if the models wore anything at all). So imagine my surprise when I started to learn all of the different aspects and angles of a pantyhose fetish. For me, it was just enjoying them on a female, even just the sight of it (I wouldn’t know much beyond that until my college years). But it turns out that there are many other aspects of a pantyhose fetish. There are guys who like to wear them. There are guys like to see them destroyed. There are guys who are so obsessed with them that the garment alone is enough to arouse them to great heights. There are guys who like both thigh-high stockings and pantyhose, and, conversely, those who hate thigh-highs with a passion. Same goes for fishnets and tights. There are guys who have to have their partners wear pantyhose during sex, and there are guys who have to wear them as well during the act. It’s a diverse world of fetish, yet we all get along due to our common uniting point – the garment itself.

My wife didn’t know anything about the pantyhose fetish (or foot fetishes, for that matter). She’s been fine with it from the start, and even revels in it. She was brought up to believe that “dressing up” often requires pantyhose. And she loves to wear outlandish tights and different kinds of shoes, so my fetish was good for us both. I’ve been blessed to be with someone who is simultaneously accepting of my fetishes and willing to indulge for both of our sakes.

And while having my wife be understanding of what I like, it is nice to have communities to be a part of online to discuss things with. Being able to converse with individuals who are on the same wavelength (for the most part) is a huge step to getting over the years of feeling like a freak, and continues to help me feel good about myself despite my non-mainstream desires.

A bit of a rambling post, I guess. I promise to have some more focused posts in the future. Just trying to get the general stuff out of the way.