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One Man’s Nightmare is Another’s Fantasy

Recently I was browsing Netflix for something to watch while I was working (not on writing; I can’t write and watch anything at the same time), and I figured watching something that I’ve seen multiple times would be best. So I threw on The IT Crowd, which is one of my favorite British comedies. And I was reminded once again of how much of a inadvertent turn-on it can be.

Many of the female characters, both background characters and one of the main characters, occasionally wear tights or pantyhose (mostly in the first season). This itself is always nice, but then there’s the fourth episode of the first season titled “The Red Door”, which has a wonderful scenario that is used for comic effect, but would be heaven for me and many of you I would imagine.

In the episode, Roy (one of the IT guys) ventures under a coworkers desk to “fix” her computer (it was unplugged), but gets trapped when the coworker returns and sits down, unaware that he’s under there because she is wearing headphones. He turns to crawl out from under the desk that is pushed up against the first one, but that coworker returns, effectively trapping him. The kicker is that both attractive women are wearing pantyhose, and we get several nice shots of their legs. The even bigger kicker is that later one we get a close-up of one of the women dangling her shoe!

While this is an embarrassing situation for Roy, I have to admit that under-the-desk/under-the-table scenarios are a huge turn on for me. If you’ve read Under Her Desk, you probably already know this. I have one other story that’s been written for a long time (it needs to be rewritten a little bit) that has an under-the-table scenario, and I’ve been planning another one revolving around an under-the-table plot, so it’s definitely something that I plan on sharing. I don’t really know what it is about it that turns me on. I like when people share their memories of playing under tables back in the day when there were women sitting there dressed up. And one of my earliest favorite erotic stories involved a young man hiding under a receptionist’s desk and playing with her feet while she talked to her boss. I don’t know if it’s the being unseen aspect of it, or if there’s just a little bit of submission in there (which I’m not a big fan of usually). All I know is that if I was Roy, I wouldn’t have been quite so unhappy to be where I was (except for maybe the whole losing-my-job thing).

Do you have a story or memory of an experience you had under a table or desk? Please feel free to share!


Alison Brie Talks Feet

alison-brie-communityI haven’t watched GLOW yet, nor did I watch Mad Men, but I know and love Alison Brie from my favorite sitcom of all time, Community.  Alison strikes me as a very fun woman, and always has just the right amount of sass when I listen to her or read her responses in interviews.  And, let’s be honest, she’s got a great pair of gams as well as feet.  I don’t go out of my way to check up on celebrity feet, but I was peripherally aware that Alison gets a number of requests to show her feet on a regular basis, and it always seemed that she takes it in great stride.  Good on her.

She recently did an interview with Maxim and addressed her fans in the foot fetish community, and although I’m sure she said this in her trademark sassy way, I’m sure there’s an amount of truth in her words – and I know it’s shared by many who don’t understand the fetish.  She said:

 Why would you put your dick between two feet when you could put it in a warm vagina or a butthole?

I’m used to seeing variations of this question from honest curiosity to biting insult.  And it shows a real misunderstanding, or even ignorance, of foot fetishism.  I’m sure many people view foot fetishism as a kink, something that we prefer, like chocolate instead of vanilla.  But that’s not how it works; we’re hardwired to desire and even need feet to be a part of our sexual experiences.  I love sex with my wife and, really, there’s nothing like being inside of her.  But our sex is so much better when she allows me to worship her feet and/or when she gives me a footjob beforehand.  And there are many others who have the fetish at a level beyond my own.  I’ve heard stories about guys who can’t even get aroused unless there is some kind of foot-related activity involved.  That’s not a preference; that’s just the way they are.

Again, props to Alison Brie for being as accepting about our community as she is – especially when many of us come across as creeps because of constant hounding for pics of her feet (and many of us are unfortunately).  But that one little sentence is just a bit inadvertently damaging.

Maybe if she posts pictures of her feet in pantyhose I’ll forgive her.


Photo courtesy of Wikifeet

100 Years of Hosiery

I’m several months behind on this, as it was posted in May, but here’s a fun little video about the 100 year history of hosiery leading up to its modern incarnation.  For those of us who love pantyhose – and I assume its a few of you considering you’re here at this blog and maybe read my stories – it’s a bit depressing to see it devolve into leggings.  I’ve found an appreciation for them, but it’ll never be the love that I have for a well-made pair of pantyhose hugging a nice pair of legs and feet.

In any case, enjoy!

New eBook: Pantyhose Sex and the City

After a dry spell from yours truly, you’ve finally got a short story to enjoy! You can download it at Amazon and Smashwords for just$0.99.

Here’s the description:

Gabe didn’t realize when he agreed to babysit his nephew that the night would take an exciting turn. Across the hall from his brother Jon’s apartment lives Arlene, a very nice woman and a cougar according to Jon. When she stops over to help out, Gabe finds out that she used to be a pantyhose model and that she could tell right from the start how much he liked her legs in pantyhose.

Once the babysitting gig is over, Gabe gets a welcoming to the Big Apple that he’ll never forget.

2017 Looks Promising

It’s always a little reassuring to see the fashionitas being pro-pantyhose/tights, even if in the back of my mind I know that the common person probably won’t pay much attention to it. I suppose the true test will come with the cooler weather, when legs start getting wrapped up to stay warm. But until then, a few articles have given me hope to hold onto.

The most important one was a recent article in Vogue of all places about the acceptableness of wearing pantyhose and tights with open toe shoes. I’m not much of a fashion expert, as you might be able to tell from my daily jeans and t-shirt ensemble, but I’ve heard in passing the faux pas of wearing hosiery with open toe shoes. Thankfully, my wife has never paid attention to this. She will regularly sport quality pantyhose and open toe shoes, displaying her amazing little toes wrapped in nylon…

Sorry, I may have started drooling a bit there.

Anyway, I never saw what the big deal was. I suppose if you’re wearing reinforced toe pantyhose you might not want to show that off (although I know many guys that would love that), but what’s wrong with a bit of nylon covering your digits? It’s not a question I am qualified to answer. But rest assured, the runways this year have made it clear that it’s an okay look to pull off.

Another hosiery-positive article was posted on the Chicago Tribune in the form of a letter-to-the-editor. (Do people actually still write in questions or are these all made up? Sorry, I guess that’s not important.) The person asked if she should go bare-legged or in pantyhose to her son’s wedding, and the answer was that it’s better to attend fancy affairs in hosiery. Again, this is something that my wife has always done. Regularly, at even semi-fancy events, she will wear pantyhose because she knows it looks nicer than flashing her bare legs (and sometimes because she knows it drives me wild). And I have to say that, regardless of my bias, she always stands out as the classiest lady around.

So here’s hoping that 2017 is a return to elegant legs. And guys, if you’re going to use this information to coax your lady friends into wearing, make sure you urge them to buy good hosiery (or better yet, buy it for them – you’re welcome). That Walmart stuff won’t cut it and she’ll peel those off as soon as she gets the chance.

October is National Kink Month


I saw the above image on Facebook earlier today and it made me curious.  I had never heard of “National Kink Month”, and I’m a pretty kinky guy.  So I did a quick Google search and… well, you know how everyone says Valentine’s Day is just a Hallmark holiday invented to sell cards and chocolates?  Apparently National Kink Month was invented to sell sex toys.  Adult toy site Stockroom.com came up with the idea of October being National Kink Month back in 2012.  The quick story is that Halloween is inherently kinky, what with the costumes and all, so why not make October a kinky month?  You can read more about it here.

Regardless of who invented and for what reasons, though, a month to celebrate kink is actually a pretty good idea.  There are so many people who hide what they like from their partners, afraid of how they’ll be perceived.  Maybe declaring that it’s National Kink Month and maybe you might want to try something out of the ordinary will get your partner on the same page with you, providing a gateway to a healthier sexual relationship.

And for those of us who are already out of the kink closet, we just have an extra excuse to act kinky.  Now please excuse me, I have to find my wife…


Politics and Feet


It’s 2016. The twenty-first-God-damn century. We’ve made so many major leaps and advances in many areas. Can we please stop the shaming of foot fetishists?

I understand that the “plight” of foot fetishists is nothing compared to civil rights for minorities, women, gays, transexuals, etc.  But it would be nice to not have to read nasty articles that shame those of us who happen to like feet.

Recently I came across an article on Vice.com titled “Foot Fetishists Are Freaking Out Over Hillary Clinton’s Feet“.  The headline piqued my interest, as I’ve up until now never actually thought about Hillary’s feet.  The article itself wasn’t terrible.  It was actually an amusing look at the comments on Wikifeet over the feet of political figures.  (For those of you unfamiliar with Wikifeet, it’s a gathering place of celebrity feet pics.)  There wasn’t much that I could find in the article that shed foot fetishists in a negative light, except for maybe some of the comments that the author pulled from the site itself.  But that could be done with any website (looking at you, YouTube).

A few days later, I find that another online publication decided to do an article on Wikifeet.  This time the headline was “Welcome to ‘WikiFeet’, the creepy fetish site dedicated to famous women’s feet“.  Well, that’s a bit different than the first one, isn’t it?  A little biased and a little to-the-point.  The article was even worse.  The author proceeds to tear apart Wikifeet, it’s users, and foot fetishists in general.  In the beginning of the article, the author says, “Welcome to WikiFeet, otherwise known as the internet’s Creepy Uncle Jeff Nobody Invites To Family Gatherings.”  The language the author uses is entirely slanted to show their distaste for the site and the material, rather than be even a little bit objective about it.  Towards the end, they pull some comments to use as examples:

Some of the comments are creepily specific: “I like the way the sun is shining through the gaps inbetween her toes in this pic,” writes one user.

“Her big toenails drive me crazy,” says another.

“Her feet her whole look is so glorious I can’t even rate them anything but 11 out of 10 sniffs on the sniff o meater (sic),” writes a third.

Cringe away.

Obviously I’m somewhat desensitized to comments like this, but they seem pretty harmless in the grand scheme of things.  That first comment is actually kind of beautiful, talking about the aesthetics of a photo.  The toenails comment isn’t really my thing, but I get it.  And the last is just a goofy comment.  Saying “Cringe away” is rather harsh.  But not as harsh as the final line of the article:  “It just serves as another reminder of the darker, creepier side of the internet.”  As if the author is equating admiration of beautiful feet to pedophilia or something.  Darker and creepier?  Really?  I’m not much of a psychiatrist, but I’d almost venture a guess that the author probably has some repressed sexual issues.  Either that or they were just really bored and looking for something to write about, and decided to slam an entire community of people.  I hope that it’s the former, because if it’s the latter, that’s just a dick thing to do.

And for the record, Hillary Clinton’s feet are not that great.


Review – Ingrid & Isabel Maternity Hosiery

This review will be very bare-bones because it’s so late after the fact, but I still wanted to do a quick write-up. During my wife’s pregnancy, the two of us decided to out to the theater for a nice night out. My wife, who very much likes to dress classy and elegant, decided that she needed a pair of pantyhose to wear with her outfit. So, being the pantyhose afficianado that I am, I delved into finding a pair of maternity hose for her.

First off, I have to mention that local stores were no help. Both Walmart and Target failed to provide any maternity hose (even in their maternity sections). Not surprsing, but it was certainly not helpful, as we only had a few days to shop for them. Thankfully, we have Amazon Prime with 2-day shipping, but that also yielded limited results.

ingridAfter perusing user reviews on several brands, I settled on Ingrid & Isabel, and bought a pair of sheer nude pantyhose. While they were not the best looking pantyhose, they still accentuated my wife’s wonderful legs and she found them very comfortable (this was at about 5 or 6 months I believe). They were very soft and smooth to the touch, and I did get to enjoy them further once we returned home.

While they are not cheap, they are also not the most expensive pantyhose we’ve purchased, and are well worth the investment. So if you’re expecting and planning on a night out, and want to add a touch of class to your outfit, consider this my recommendation for Ingrid & Isabel maternity hosiery.


A Two-Way Footpath

I’ve been sitting on this article for a few weeks and now it’ll help me get back into the swing of things. It was posted at Femina and outlines for women how they can satisfy and enjoy their man’s foot fetish. I did a similar post about this over a year ago, but I liked reading their article because it comes from the woman’s perspective.

I think it’s important to remember that just because you have a foot fetish, it doesn’t have to be solely (see what I did there?) about you. Your significant other should be able to have fun with it, too. Too many times I’ve see guys talking about wanting to go after a woman’s feet, and they want to know how to get them. But I never see them ask, “How can I use my fetish to satisfy my partner?”

Like many things in sex and relationships, a foot fetish can and should be a two-way street (or footpath, if you will). Give your gal a foot rub she’ll never forget. Sensually play with her feet – give her little tickles, little kisses, even little love bites. You’ll probably be surprised at how much more receptive she’ll be about giving you what you want if take the time to do something nice for her.

Unless she really hates her feet or feet in general. But that’s a whole other problem needing a whole other blog post.

Farewell, Alexis Grace

It’s been a long time since I posted, what with moving, settling into the new house, and then dealing with a new baby.  And I hate to start off posting again with a depressing post, but I feel it necessary to pay some amount of tribute here.

Recently, adult performer Alexis Grace passed away from alleged complications with asthma.  Alexis is notable in the fetish community for a variety of things, but important to me and many like me is that she did a lot of foot fetish and pantyhose/nylon videos.  She was a beautiful woman and exhibited a lot of sensuality, not to mention skill and technique.  I first became aware of her not too long after she started appearing in 2008, and she became one of the first models in a long time that I sought out by name on a regular basis.


Photo courtesy of AVN.com

If you are unaware of her work, you can purchase many videos starring her from Bratty Babes Own You, a clip store that she co-owned with her fiance.

Alexis will be missed by myself and many others in the fetish community.  It’s always sad when a beloved model retires or fades away after tiring of the industry, but it’s terrible when someone is taken away so suddenly.  My many condolences to her fiance and her family in this hard time.